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There's no time like spring time!

"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow" 

We don't just cook, we pour our heart into what we serve - check out our new spring menu full of seasonal ingredients that are locally sourced. 


How about saving mother Earth and going plastic-free? 

“We are individually and collectively are responsible to help the environment that we live and love so that the next
generation can lead a happier and healthier life”

This is why we are committed to reducing food packaging waste by doing the ZERO WASTE TIFFIN MEAL.

Order as ad hoc or pick one of our subscription packages and leave the rest to us.

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Order on the go

Browse our menu and place your order 24/7 for a day & time of your choice.

Tiffin meal

Concerned with packaging waste? Go for one of tiffin options with monthly subscriptions - cancel at any time.

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Doorstep Delivery

We will deliver your food on the day & time of your choice or you can collect it at your convenience.

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If it was up to us, nobody will be sleeping on the street or be going hungry. This is why we pledged to give £5 from every tiffin meal ordered to feeding the less fortunate.


Some of our personal favourites

Spicy Taro Roots

Cooked using naga viper pickle, a spice lovers choice for sure.

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Stuffed Parathas

Home-made fluffy flatbread stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes. Everybody loves them, you will too.

Begun Posto

A dish that is from the heart of rural Bangladesh, grilled aubergine cooked in a mild yogurt and mustard sauce.


Meet Halima 

Halima Khatoon is the chef and founder of Fooska. She was born in Chittagong, Bangladesh, and has moved to London at the age of 7. She now lives in North London with her husband and one boy.

After finishing her study in Banking, she went on to work as Finance Manager for 8 years in the City of London. 

Cooking was a passion and Halima started her food career in Feb 2019. 

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