You haven't had real Bangladeshi food until you eat my food! 

After attaining a first class degree in Banking & Finance and lending "that perfect" job, I thought I was content with things. However, as year flew on I realise there was something more I was meant to do. 

February 2019, finally that time had arrived and I finally left my job and pursued my dream to cook. Hence, Fooska was born.

I was born in a City called Chittagong, Bangladesh and moved to London at the age of 8. Growing up in a large family with all elder sisters, meant that food was a very important part of life. It was very important to Dad that we ate our lunch/dinner as a family on the dinner table. 

It wasn't until I have moved out of home at the age of 25, that my passion for cooking really started.


I remember asking my friends to come over almost every night to have dinner with me because I was struggling to settle on my own after growing up in house full of people. 

The name Fooska is inspired by a famous street food in Bangladesh called Fuchka or Fuska depending on the city. This is the rounded hollow ball filled with lots of yummy goodness. 

Fooska journey started at the Stroud Green Market, London every Sundays from May. Very excited and full of enthusiasm, I set out to bring what real Bangladeshi food is to the people of North London. 

My vision now is to serve real home cooked Bangladeshi food not just to the people of North London, but whole of the UK with a zero waste solution.

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